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Vision : 

To ensure protection and welfare of cows in the state through strict implementation of law and participation of all the departments responsible for the welfare of cows. To make Punjab a state where every cow is a happy cow with shelter and enough food. Promotion of indigenous breeds of cows.

Mission :

 • To create awareness among general public and law enforcing agencies upto constable level about various cow protection laws like “ The Punjab Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act, “ The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and other guidelines and instructions of the Government to control Cow slaughtering,smuggling,sale of beef and cruelty to cows. 

• To ensure implementation of various schemes for the development of gaushala and preservation and genetic upgradation of indigenous breeds of cows through different schemes of the state and central government through Animal Husbandry Department. 

• To promote cow health in gaushalas and elsewhere through timely vaccination and availability of veterinary services to cows by the Animal Husbandry Department . 

• To make arrangements for shelter and care of stray and old/weak cows by strengthening of existing gaushalas and construction of new gaushalas through financial assistance to gaushalas . 

• .To give suggestions for strengthening of gaushalas . 

• Proper supervision and inspection of gaushalas and their registration under Punjab Gau Sewa Commission Act,2014.